API General Info

All CoinGather API methods return a JSON object as a response. The object will have a success attribute that will have a value of 1 if successful, and 0 on error/failure. We will always try to support at least two versions prior of our API when releasing new versions. The current version of our API is: v1.

API Address


Exchange Public Methods

Method Name: market

Displays full market data including order books and recent trades. To load a single market, pass the optional paramater of marketid. The list of each market and their corresponding IDs is charted below.

Return All Markets Data:


Return A Single Markets Data (Example: LIMX):


Exchange Private Methods

Private API calls are protected by a public and private key which is available in the account section of your profile.

Documentation: API Documentation

Example Code: GitHub C# php

Market List

Primary MarketSecondary MarketMarket ID
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